Case Study – 33 KV/11 KV Switchboard

Electricity Distribution over a 1000 acre Township. Providing Economical Switchboard Solution along with features of OEM Switchboards

Application:Electricity Distribution over a 1000 acre Township
Project Scope:Distribution AIS Solution of 33kV to 11kV Switchboards
CustomerOne of the Largest Spread Township

One of largest planned township spread over 1063 acres that combines sophisticated city living with a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere. It has been designed as a new and exciting place to live, work, play and offers residential as well as commercial properties which are complemented by excellent education system, international standard health care facilities, multiple shopping arcades, corporate offices, spiritual centres.


  • Meeting price expectations with utmost features of human safety and many features ensuring longevity & continuity of power supply of OEM make 11KV/33KV switchboards
  • Channel partner switchboards offered at comparatively lower price, generally don’t offer feature ensuring human safety and moreover due to major activities done at channel partner end, reliability and continuity of supply is compromised.
  • Customer required an economical solution where personnel working are at minimum/no risk in case of any in panel fault and solution which can offer longevity, continuity and reliability for efficient power distribution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Type tested as per IEC 62271-100.
  • Loss of service continuity category LSC 2B.
  • Partition class PM [metal clad].
  • All switching operations always with high voltage door closed.
  • Encapsulated feeder connections.
  • Design w/o sharp edges: reduced electrical stress.
  • Enclosed pole design; hence no moisture ingress leading to better dielectric performance.
  • Features of OEM build panel with economical benefits.

Over 100 nos. Switchboards successfully supplied over a period of 3 Years.


After understanding the requirement of customer, wherein human safety was of utmost concern, we have offered a unique solution of OEM+CP (IPAN).

IPAN is a strategic AIS solution in which customer gets complete HT component and enclosure from our OEM which are type tested assemblies ensuring the safety of personnel due to any internal fault of panel and other added OEM features.

A typical image representation of the solution offered:



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