Efficient utilisation of Energy – Telecom Towers

Efficiently powering the telecom towers sites across the country – Providing complete end to end solution including SITC

Application:Efficiently powering the telecom towers sites= across the country
Project Scope:Efficient utilisation of energy for the telecom sites installed across length & breadth of the country.
CustomerWorld’s largest telecom tower operating company

The largest telecom tower operating company in the country, having installations in almost all the states of the country. It is an enabler for the communication revolution in country. Having capacity to touch approx 600 Million people every day, multiple times through their system network. More than 60% of telecon calls in India are through their systems.


  • Power cost, being one of the biggest costing headers for the company, has always been the major factor to work upon.
  • Task was to keep the systems running as functional as they have been, with less power consumption or more efficient usage of power through our solutions.
  • Sites were scattered across the length & breadth of the country in almost all the states/districts, so team networking has been the major factor for execution.
  • Being running telecom sites you get very little or no shutdown time, so things are to be planned in such a way that it happens first time right only therefore planning is the most important thing in such cases.
  • Sites have been scatted at various locations & they are not identical therefore universal planning was the key thing to decide/finalise the methodology of taking care all the site variations while visiting the sites for execution.


After understanding the requirement of customer, some of the sample sites had been visited to understand the load/functionality patter as that was the important instance to decide the solution.

Based on the study some proposals have been prepared & laid down in co-ordination with the customer with the complete techno-commercial proposal for their evaluation.

Some solutions were agreed upon and then afterwards pilot sites were executed for final testing & validating the results. After satisfactory results final rollout had been started.

Till FY 19-20 we have executed 14000+ telecom sites for our solutions at various locations which helps to save approx 19 MW energy regularly.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Systems considered for the proposed solution has never been bottleneck for any of the site functionality so that any issue with the new system should not suffer the production at all.
  • Solution rendered was universal which means one size fits for all and it has been able to cater almost all the variety of telecom sites in India right from far north till down south.
  • Modularity has been the key essence of the planning so that any future change can easily be accommodated by even a layman to cater the changing site scenario.
  • System was designed in such a way that it could cater majority of the requirement with a very simple system & therefore no major complaints/failures reported yet.


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